The definitive, in-depth account of the spectacular rise and fall of Bernie Madoff
and the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time

Featuring new, exclusive, never-before-published details from Madoff himself


No name is more synonymous with the evils of Wall Street than Bernie Madoff. Arrested for fraud in 2008 - during the depths of the financial crisis - the 70 year old marker maker, investment advisor, and former chairman of the NASDAQ had orchestrated the largest Ponzi scheme in world history, fleecing thousands of investors across the globe to the tune of $65 billion. To this day, questions remain: Why did he do it? How did he get away with it for so long? What did his family know? Who is the elusive Bernie Madoff?

In Madoff Talks, author Jim Campbell presents the most comprehensive, insider account of the Madoff saga to date. Based on exclusive interviews with all the players--the Madoff family and their associates, the Wall Street wheelers and dealers, the army of lawyers, analyst, and investigators, the victims of the scheme, and Bernie Madoff himself.

Madoff Talks features the first, and likely only, interviews with Ruth Madoff and defense attorney Ira Sorkin, for which Bernie waived attorney-client privilege, as well as never before published details from the author's personal communications with Bernie Madoff in prison. A vivid, powerful piece of investigative reporting, the book takes us behind the headlines to show the full human cost of Madoff's crimes, and offers a cogent analysis of the reforms necessary  to prevent it from happening again.

Meticulously researched and relentlessly riveting. Madoff Talks is the full story of an American tragedy.

Featured by:  CBS, ABC, Fortune, NY Post, Newsweek, and many more

"Madoff Talks...will likely stand as the authoritative source on this massive crime..."
- Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine


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